Cannabis has been negatively stigmatized for decades by scientists and society. But they can no longer deny that the plant's active ingredients, known as Cannabinoids, provide a natural remedy to a host of health issues. Structurally similar to THC, the allure of CBD is that it won't get you high. 

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder caused by unusual nerve cell activity in the brain. About 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with Epilepsy each year. Although the medical community is able to diagnose the disorder, they struggle to provide a meaningful treatment with limited side effects. Many turn to mind-numbing medications and brain surgeries with invasively implanted electrical stimulation devices. 

For over twenty years, researches have tested and shown that CBD has anti-seizure activity and has been used successfully to treat drug-resistant, epileptic children with no side effects. CBD oil has also been proven to be a particularly good option for adults with seizures, because you want a method of delivery they can't choke on. As an oil, it can be rubbed on the gums or placed under the tongue. 

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