Her Book Reveals What She Did to Overcome Rheumatoid Arthritis
After Doctors Thought She Might Never Walk Again

Beverly Hills, CA – July 20th, 2017: When international model and fitness personality, Jesse Golden, was first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis—her doctors had little reason for optimism. In a span of months, she’d gone from healthy to literally being unable to walk. To date, is no official cure for the condition. 

However, after spending nearly a year on her back, mostly in excruciating pain—Jesse became determined to find a way to get healthy again. She tried every diet, supplement, natural therapy and treatment under the sun after the mainstream medical system had run out of suggestions. Especially since drugs were becoming increasingly less effective at managing the pain. 

Eventually, Jesse did walk again. In fact, she not only walked—she totally transformed her body and health to a state few could ever dream of achieving. Today, hundreds of thousands of people follow Jesse on social media and millions view her motivational pictures and words every single month.  

Never one to censor herself or shy away from controversy, she’s learned to use her body as an instrument of healing, education and inspiration—pointing the way toward our higher potential as human beings. 

 The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health Is Everything
She Did to Radically Re-Shape Her Body and Life

Over the years, during this intense journey of transformation, Jesse has had the good fortune of meeting and collaborating with cutting-edge doctors, leading researchers, yogis, professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, healers and alternative practitioners with a wealth of wisdom to share. She’s also, in the process of recovering from such a debilitating condition, learned powerful secrets for healing, beauty and anti-aging.  

The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health is the distillation of all the best tips, tricks and insights she’s accumulated on her remarkable journey. The book offers a fresh, unique perspective on diet, detoxification, exercise routines (including her own), sleep science, emerging human performance fields like brainwave optimization, natural skin and body care, plus so much more. 

To celebrate the launch of her book and give back to the community that has supported and encouraged her, Jesse has collaborated with sponsors like 3BL for Living, a company many believe offers the highest-quality CBD (cannibidiol) oil in the world today. 3BL and others have pledged to give over $10,000 in prizes away to buyers of her book. The 3BL partnership is especially fitting because CBD oil has emerged as one of the best natural solutions for pain. And with no THC and a full spectrum of health benefits from sleep and stress to inflammation, it’s a true breakthrough in alternative medicine. 

Through collaborations like the one with 3BL for Living, Jesse is on a mission to reduce pain and inflammation for over 10 million people. She is convinced the information in her book, along with cutting-edge natural solutions like their CBD Oil, will change the way pain is managed and healed all over the world. That is her mission.

“I’m so honored 3BL for Living has so generously contributed their CBD oil as gifts for my book launch giveaway. The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health has been a multi-year passion project and a true labor of love; 3BL for Living’s immense support reflects our mutual passion for health, healing and holistic wellness.”

Visit www.thegoldensecrets.com/bookcontest for more information. 

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