Most frequently asked to us - How long does it take for 3BL benefit oil to be effective?
We get this question quite a lot, and honestly, there is no set time. A lot of new customers are usually not sure what to expect regarding results, and some expect immediate results.

Here are some common factors that should be considered while looking for results:

Cause: The nature of your health and wellness issue will affect how and when you will see results. For example, if you’re taking 3BL benefit oil for mild anxiety, you usually see immediate results compared to someone with more severe issues. We sometimes also see customers with complicated issues see immediate results as well, it truly depends on your body.

The length of time you’ve had the issue: If you’ve been letting an issue go for months as opposed to years, you can reasonably expect that your reaction time will be different.

Taking the right dose: Most people start with our 250 mg benefit oil, but they might have to bump higher concentrations of 500 mg or 700 mg. This allows you to test and see what concentration works best for you. Like we always say everyone’s body is unique and their thresholds vary. A time length to mark is to check how you feel at the 4-6-week point.

Being consistent: For any dietary supplement to work properly, it must have a consistent in-take. Missing days or servings can throw o its maximum effectiveness.

Hemp doesn’t get you high: here's a BIG misconception around hemp getting you high. You should feel something straightaway, right? Is false. Hemp contains less than .3% of THC, the plant com- pound that’s psychoactive. That doesn’t mean Hemp isn’t working; it just means you can take hemp extract oil and go about your day.

Hemp extract oil is not a drug: 3BL Benefit oil is better than single-compound CBD options because it contains all of the natural, beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Listen to your body: Taking supplements today is really about investing in your future self, whether you’re taking them preventatively or for a particular reason. With that in mind, sometimes people fail to recognize that they’re improving because natural health changes often happen subtly and progressively. Paying attention to your body today will help you gauge where you’ll stand tomorrow and also if you need to adjust the concentration you’re taking.

We’ve found that response times are just as unique as the people taking them. We all have different genetic and biochemical makeups and individual health issues that can take days or sometimes months to address. The bottom line is you have to be patient and consistent and know that dietary supplements like 3BL Benefit oil are crafted to work with your body naturally, supporting it to better function on its own. The results come by way of steady improvement, making your health more sustainable to reach a level of life-enhancing natural wellness that can’t be attained with single-compound CBD or other alternatives.

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