• 3BL | After Sun Care with CBD
  • 3BL | After Sun Care with CBD

3BL | After Sun Care with CBD


CBD After Sun Care with CBD

Our CBD After Sun Care Cream infused with CBD soothes minor aches and burns and help prevent scarring associated with sun exposure. Supercharged with the nourishing and anti-anging properties of both hemp derived CBD and apricot oil, this cream will soothe and slow down further breakage of dehydrated and irritated skin tissue with Vitamin A & E derivatives.

Why is it Effective?

This cream is pure and free of irritating fragrances and has highly moisturizing mango butter, making this a go to for sensitive skin that has been overexposed to harmful rays!

Norishment is further emphasized by ceramics replicating skin's natural moisture barrier. Protein rich peptides along with the various essential fatty acts and antioxidants present in palm butter, soybean extract, pine bark extract and fennel fruit extract act on reversing skin damage and further protect it from dryness.

How to Use?

Apply to general area twice daily or as needed.