• 3BL | SKINNY weight loss spray



Weight Loss Oral Spray with Hemp

99% Pure CBD Oil with 60mg Infused

Super Citrimax 60% HCA

8ml Oral Spray

Natural Peppermint Flavor

Oral absorption increases effectiveness, allowing your body to utilize all the necessary minerals and nutrients. Through oral absorption, nutrients go directly into the blood stream, then into the cells within a matter of minutes. 

3BL | SKINNY helps control the appetite and increase metabolism, promoting fat-loss with muscle-sparing results. Made with the highest percentage of HCA allowed, this weight loss oral spray is the perfect supplement for appetite control and blocking metabolism fat. Reduces body weight three times greater than diet and exercise alone. 


  • WORKS QUICKLY: Nutrients are absorbed orally, almost instantly. 
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Promotes fat-loss with muscle-sparing results. Reduces caloric intake by 25%. 
  • NATURAL: Contains a natural substance called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). The active ingredient in Gardenia Cambodia extract, the substance that produces weight loss effects.